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About Moviebox

At times we crave for entertainment as a source of relaxation after a long day. Sometimes you might even get a break at work and wish you had entertainment on the go option. And other times, you might just be having a free and long day, what better way to fill it up after a long week of work, entertainment.

The satisfaction and the quenching of this craving are Movie Box. MovieBox is a popular service that offers access to unlimited entertainment by bringing your favourite movies and TV shows right into the palm of your hands through your mobile devices at zero cost. Yes! You heard right MovieBox is a free-to-use service.

You might be thinking "well, it's not the first free app I know, and from experience, they are always full of trash content". If you are thinking about this, then I bet you once you try the MovieBox Pro App, you'll be mind-blown as the service offers popular and new titles of TV shows and movies. It is an answer to your prayer for an easily accessible and free collection of movies and shows. I'm telling you MovieBox is a bang!

The MovieBox App is available for download on Android devices, and you can also download and use on your PC with the help of an Android emulator like bluestacks. Movie Box makes. Video download and streaming for users absolutely easy and straightforward by bringing you movies from torrent links as well as with the use of a peer-to-peer system of media sharing among users of the app.

Over time, the MovieBoxPro app has gradually gained recognition and a loyal user base that are in their millions. The service has come under fire a couple of times for copyright infringements, causing it to move its service from one domain to another several time over the years. Also, due to this issue of piracy of copyrighted materials, the Movie Box Pro App has been made unavailable for download on the Google Playstore. This means the app can only be downloaded from third-party websites.

Regardless of these facts, however, the MovieBox Pro service still remains a fan-favourite as the user base is still well into millions and new installations of the app are being recorded regularly.

Features of MovieBox Pro App

The features of the MovieBox app that makes it a viewer choice against all odds include:

·         Free to download and use: We all know the cost of the subscription to pay-TV streaming services like the Amazon Prime, Netflix and others. Movie Box, however, offers you an absolutely free streaming service on your device at any time you want. A free video-on-demand and streaming service, that's awesome.

·         Access to millions of movies and TV shows: With the MovieBox app on your device, no matter the movie it is you want, there's a 90% chance you'll get it for free on MovieBox. It boasts a large collection of recent and classical movies, blockbusters and non-blockbusters, popular or not, A-rated, B-rated, C-rated and all. As long as the movie exists, you can definitely check it out on MovieBox.

·         Minimal Ads: Free services usually make use of Ads to generate revenue. Have you been up with an interesting video on YouTube and you get shown a couple of Ads, between your video at different intervals? That's how most free services survive and we can't blame them you know, they need to earn a little revenue to keep afloat. With MovieBox, however, you really do not need to worry too much about being disturbed with Ads during a movie. The service makes use of minimal ads and you can navigate your way easily without ads disturbing you.

·         Easy to use, friendly interface: Graphical and beautiful, the user interface of MovieBox can be easily navigated, to get you straight to the best of entertainment and give you your choice without many clicks. It is straight to the movie.

·         No registration requirement: All you need do to watch your favourite movies and shows on MovieBox is to download your app and jump straight into the ocean of fun, or go to their web address at, go straight to your media choice, and start streaming or downloading as you wish.

·         High Definition Videos: You get to select your choice of quality whenever you are streaming or downloading movies and shows from MovieBox. You can stream your choice video at excellent qualities including in HD.

Installing MovieBox Pro on your devices

To install the MovieBox Pro APK on your device, what you need to do is download the app from third-party sites online (there is quite a handful of them and you should be careful with this).

After downloading, navigate to the folder you've downloaded the app and click on the MovieBox.Apk file you've downloaded

Tap on the install button and wait for the app to get installed. Make sure your device is set to accept apps from third-party websites

Once the installation is correct, you are good to go. Just click on the app from your app list and start using

To install MovieBox for PC, first, download Bluestacks app emulator

If you know how to use bluestacks, awesome but if not, once you download the app you'll find out its easy to use

After you have downloaded the bluestacks app, you can launch it and downloaded your MovieBoxPro apk file from the Bluestacks browser to your PC.

On bluestacks, click on local install and install the apk file you just downloaded.

Wait for the download to complete and you can start using MovieBox service on your PC.

Cool isn't it? While MovieBox is a very good service, you should make use of VPN before using MovieBox because of the legal and copyright issues to protect yourself and your IP from getting flagged. You can download VPN from the google play store and use this as a protective shield.

Bluestacks on PC usually comes fitted with an inbuilt VPN, but there's no harm in double protection. So, get yourself protected and enjoy movies and TV shows for free on your devices.